How to Use Your HSA

Triple-Tax Advantage

HSAs provide financial flexibility, promote savvy healthcare decision-making, encourage financial growth, and offer tax advantages. Enjoy tax-deductible contributions, tax-free earnings and tax-free distributions for qualified expenses.

Pays for Healthcare

Your HSA funds can be used to pay your deductible. HSAs also cover doctor visits, over-the-counter medications, and many other medical expenses. When you pair a high-deductible health plan with an HSA, low-deductible (high premium) health plans don’t stand a chance.

Rollover Funds

HSA funds always belong to you. They never expire, and remain accessible even in the event of a job change or retirement.

Invest in Your Future

HSA funds accrue interest tax-free and can be invested. Once the account holder turns 65, HSAs act like a 401(k) in that funds deposited can be withdrawn for non-qualified medical expenses.


Take the Reins

An HSA paired with your high-deductible health plan empowers you to take control of your healthcare and invest in your future

Keeping it Simple



Grow your health savings simply by contributing. Just think about how much you’re saving on premiums, then put those savings in your HSA. Link your bank account to your HSA to contribute tax-free at any time.


Swipe your MotivHSA card as a credit card when you are at the doctor’s office or pharmacy. This allows you to pay for medical expenses tax-free.



Investing your HSA funds is one of the fastest ways to help them grow. Call our PHAs at 844-234-4472 with any questions. 


One Click Away

MotivHSA allows you to access all your HSA needs from your phone. Download our app to check spending, view and submit claims, and more. Join us on our journey to revolutionize healthcare.


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