Fees and Pricing

At MotivHSA, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading rates paired with an unparalleled array of features. Elevate your experience with us, where affordability meets excellence in the world of HSA solutions.

Fee Schedule

HSA Cash Account

$0 with a balance over $2,000 (includes the balance in your investment account)

$2.95 per month with balance under $2,000


HSA Investment Account

$1.50 per month

50 basis points on investment balances regardless of which path you choose.

No other fees….period.

Budget Friendly

Low costs and simplified fees make MotivHSA stand out above the rest. Our commitment to transparency ensures that you can confidently manage your finances without any surprises.


We pride ourselves on knowing that we have been in the market for over five years and helped over 18,000 people manage their HSAs. Open up a MotivHSA account and see how simple and secure HSAs can be.


Our commitment to forward-thinking strategies ensures that you not only save today but stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape, making MotivHSA the visionary choice for securing your financial well-being.



“The seamless user interface, prompt customer support, and transparent fee structure have made managing my health savings effortless and stress-free.”

– Ken S.


Selecting MotivHSA has been a top-notch decision for my financial fitness. The easy-to-use platform, combined with their well-informed support team, not only streamlined my healthcare expenses but also empowered me to make the most of my HSA benefits.”

– Marlo C.