How to Enroll

You can contribute straight from your paycheck to your HSA—tax-free. HSAs also grow tax-free, so investing is a prime way to maximize your HSA funds. A family HSA’s annual tax savings potential is $1,550, and an individual’s is $770. On top of excellent tax-benefits, HSAs funds roll over annually and remain in your possession even after  a job change. Start saving today.

how to enroll to get best benefits
how to use your hsa

How to Use your HSA

Taking Advantage of you HSA:

  • Contribute what you would have spent on a high premium to your HSA.
  • HSA members don’t pay co-pays.
  • HSA funds can pay for prescriptions.
  • HSAs cover approved medical expenses tax-free. These even include items such as bandages and vitamins. “Pro-tip: Type ‘HSA’ into your Amazon search box to see a variety of HSA eligible products.”
  • Invest your HSA funds and let them grow tax-free.

HSA Best Practices

Make the most of your HSA:

  • Your employer can contribute to your HSA.
  • You can change your HSA contribution amount at any time.
  • Even if you used a non-HSA card on a medical expense, you can still receive a tax-free reimbursement down the road.
  • Your HSA can transfer to your spouse after you pass without tax implications.


hsa best practices