Our Story

MotivHSA was born out of a vision of simplicity. An HSA should be simple and seamless, regardless of whether you have money in cash, EFTs, Mutual Funds, or a brokerage account.  MotivHSA is one of the only HSA administrators that allows you to hold money in cash, allowing you to self-direct your funds into an EFT, use a managed path, or invest in stocks all under the same website and user experience with a simple fee schedule.

Founded by Dave Hall, one of the co-founders of HealthEquity, MotivHSA simplifies the investment experience with the same protections you get from other HSA administrators.  Cash accounts are FDIC insured and investment fees are reasonable.

Experience HSAs as they should be.

Heart Health Awareness

Heart Health Awareness

Heart Health in the U.S. Heart disease is a formidable adversary in the United States, and recent trends indicate it's only escalating. Despite...